Carpet cleaning tips, housekeeping tricks and the best cleaning products!

Are you looking for tips and tricks for cleaning carpets, imported or handmade rugs, upholstered or padded furniture? Or would you like tips and tricks on general housekeeping and which products to use? With this in mind, our team is proud to provide you with several articles that can help you. Even more, our experts are always at your service if you need professional carpet and furniture cleaning.

Carpet cleaning tips, housekeeping and cleaning products, here’s what our experts suggest.

Our experts are happy to provide you with tips and tricks for maintaining your carpets, rugs and furniture. Also, we’ll cover how, when and which products to choose for everyday household chores. Effective carpet cleaning tips and more! Grandma’s tried-and-tested tricks.


Being productive in house cleaning
A quality dry cleaning method
Pets and clean house
Red wine and tips
The cleaning frequency of your furniture
Spring cleaning
Our stain remover and its use
Dust mites in our home
Maintenance and prevention
Our protector and our recommendations
A dirty carpet? Here’s the key!
Why is dry cleaning so effective?
Cleaning fabric furniture? No problem!
When to clean your carpet?
Yoga mats: how to maintain them?
Make-up on my couch
Glass and starch
Tip: carpet cleaning
Restoring an old piece of furniture
Is my carpet in good shape?
Cleaning up before moving
Fabric sofa: cleaning and stain
Bathroom and maintenance
Washing a carpet
Cleaning and planning
Urine odor: how to eliminate it?
Smell of stale furniture
Lemon and cleaning
Floor and cleaning
Clean house and tips
Effectively cleaning carpet
Cornstarch and cleaning
Fabric furniture and tips
Eliminate odors and hair
Advantages of winter rugs
Stairs and its carpet
Couch and its cleaning
Recipes for stain removal
Keeping it new
Mattress cleaning
End of summer
Car and it’s cleaning
Productive in cleaning
Baking soda for cleaning
Stains in express!
Ways to clean your rugs
Cleaning before or after a move
The benefits of a carpet or rug
Drying carpets at home
Winter carpets and safety
Bad smells in my carpet
Cleaning carpets in the workshop
Preventive measures at Pro-Sec
Disinfection in the Time of Covid-19

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