Cleaning fabric furniture: Not just for carpets!

When discussing the topic of cleaning fabric furniture, it’s common to think about carpets and rugs. However, the importance of upholstered furniture maintenance should not be underestimated. Upholstered furniture adds warmth and style to our homes, condominiums, or even commercial environments. Therefore, fabric furniture plays an essential role in interior decoration, and its cleanliness is crucial.

Why clean your fabric furniture?

Cleaning fabric furniture is essential to preserve its beauty and extend its lifespan. Our upholstered furniture is exposed daily to dirt, stains, dust, and mites. These elements accumulate if not regularly removed, leading to a deterioration of the fabric’s quality and the overall appearance of the furniture.

Dirt and health considerations

Beyond aesthetics, there are health considerations to take into account. Fabric furniture can become breeding grounds for mites, molds, and bacteria, impacting indoor air quality. Individuals allergic or sensitive to allergens may experience allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and respiratory problems.

Can I have my fabric furniture cleaned?

At Pro-Sec, our professionals are experts in fabric furniture cleaning. They master the art of deep cleaning and preventive maintenance. Our experts can revitalize your fabric furniture while adapting a maintenance program specific to your needs. We treat all the following furniture:

  • Sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Armchair
  • Dining chairs
  • Office chairs
  • Desk dividers
  • Mattresses
  • Bed heads and/or bases
  • Modular furniture
  • Ottomans
  • Daybeds
  • Bergères
  • Vehicle seats (cars, RVs, boats, etc.)

What types of fabrics can be cleaned?

Wondering if your fabric furniture is eligible for cleaning? In reality, almost all types of fabric furniture can be effectively cleaned. Whether it’s cotton, velvet, wool, silk, microfiber, or other materials, our dry cleaning techniques are suitable for every situation. Moreover, if you own furniture with delicate styles, such as contemporary or antique pieces, you no longer need to fear damaging them. Advances in dry cleaning technology allow for effective treatment of dirt and stains, regardless of the type of upholstery, whether traditional or feather-filled.


First, note that certain fabric colors are more likely to retain embedded dirt residues, such as white, for example. Additionally, a simple spill of hot coffee on your fabric furniture may seem disastrous. However, thanks to our advanced cleaning techniques, we can tackle these stubborn stains and restore the pristine appearance of your furniture.


Frequency of furniture cleaning

Regarding the frequency of fabric furniture cleaning, it largely depends on the use and location of the furniture. For example, furniture in high-traffic areas, such as living rooms, may require more frequent cleaning than those in less frequently used rooms. Furthermore, families with children or pets may also require more regular maintenance as stains and dirt are more common.

For businesses

It’s also important to note that fabric furniture cleaning is not reserved for individuals only. Commercial businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, and offices, can also benefit from these services. Clean and well-maintained furniture leaves a positive impression on clients and visitors, contributing to the business’s reputation.

Working with professionals

Pro-Sec is your trusted partner for professional dry cleaning of your fabric furniture. We use proven methods to effectively eliminate dirt, stains, and odors, preserving the integrity and aesthetics of your furniture. We are committed to providing superior quality service for all your fabric furniture cleaning needs, whether at home, in your workplace, or in your condominium. With Pro-Sec, the cleanliness and beauty of your fabric furniture are in good hands!

Our expertise

Our expertise ensures that your furniture remains in excellent condition, regardless of the color or style of the fabric. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about our services and to schedule professional cleaning for your fabric furniture. You can be confident that your belongings are in the hands of competent professionals dedicated to your satisfaction.

For more information about preventive maintenance or to book an appointment with a reputable dry carpet cleaning company: contact us.

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