Make your carpets and furniture last longer with our dry cleaning service!

PRO-SEC, the solution for your cleaning needs: Dry cleaning services for carpets, furniture, rugs and mats!

Our cleaning process is safe for the environment and effective for all stains that have not damaged the natural colour of the fibres and fabrics.

Trust PRO-SEC for dry cleaning services that are perfectly safe for pets and family members!

With over 25 years of experience, PRO-SEC specializes in the dry cleaning of carpets, handmade or imported rugs (Aubusson, Persian, Chinese, Berber) and rugs for the commercial and residential sector, including condominions.

We offer our dry cleaning services on the Island of Montreal, in Laval, on the South Shore and the North Shore of Montreal.

Our technicians collect and deliver your rugs for free, and the cleaning itself takes place at our workshop within 7 to 10 days.

We determine a two-hour time slot, allowing you to enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

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Our services made by experts!

Residential carpet and furniture cleaning

A quality cleaning service!

For your residence, condos, co-ownership apartment. In fact, PRO-SEC is the specialist for your needs with our dry-cleaning system and our unique cleaning solution, biodegradable and safe for family and pets. A dry-cleaning method with optimal results as opposed to a steam cleaning method.

Furthermore, this cleaning method is suitable for all types of carpets, rugs, mats, furniture and more.

Carpet and furniture cleaning for Commercial/Condominiums

An effective preventive care program!

Are you looking for a solution for cleaning your commercial carpet? Look no further! In fact, PRO-SEC offers you professional carpet cleaning for all types of carpets. With our dry-cleaning process, entrust your carpets to us with complete confidence:

Carpet cleaning – winter carpet cleaning – office chair and armchair cleaning, office separator cleaning – and much more.

PRO-SEC is indeed the ideal solution for your office, business, condo, co-ownership apartment, office building etc.


Personalized Service and
Unmatched Results

PRO-SEC is attentive to your needs. Feel free to share the details of your cleaning project with us, so we can tell you more about our cleaning methods and tailor a maintenance plan to your needs. This way, you can increase your carpets’ service life and keep them clean, wholesome and resistant.

Carpets, mats and rugs


PRO-SEC, the specialist in cleaning of your carpets, mats and rugs. Indeed, our method of dry cleaning is suitable for all types of carpets, whether wool, silk, microfiber, natural, synthetic, imported, handmade, Berber, Chinese, etc.

Find out about our environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Finally, you want the best for your carpets. PRO-SEC is there to offer you professional quality cleaning. Wondering what the difference is between our cleaning process and steam cleaning? Ask our specialists to tell you more!

Fabric furniture

– Residential

Rely on PRO-SEC, your specialist to clean your furniture. In this regard, our cleaning method is suitable for all types of furniture, whether it be an armchair, loveseat, sofa, modular, Recamier, ottoman, footrest, rocking chair, bergere, kitchen chair, dining chair, futon and even your mattress.

In addition, our environmentally friendly cleaning solution is suitable for all types of material (cotton, velvet, microfiber silk wool), as well as for all styles of furniture (modern, antique, Louis-XIV, etc.).

Find out about our dry-cleaning method and make an informed choice between steam cleaning and quality dry cleaning performed by true cleaning professionals.

Our cleaning product is biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

Products and protectors

– Residential

PRO-SEC has developed a unique dry-cleaning product. In other words, this cleaning product is biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

Get our bottle of carpet and furniture stain remover to help you with the maintenance and upkeep of your rugs and furniture between our two visits. Yet more, ask to have our carpet and furniture protector applied.

This will extend the life of your rugs and furniture and make it easier to remove dirt that can accumulate dust, coffee, wine, juice, drink, or food stains, etc.

Carpets and Winter carpets

– Commercial/Condominiums

Call PRO-SEC, your specialist for the cleaning of your commercial carpets, your winter carpets, your office, business, condo, co-ownership, office building.

Since our product is suitable for all types of carpets, even for the new generation of checkered carpets, our dry-cleaning method will meet your needs.

You are looking for professional carpet cleaning, a proven cleaning method? PRO-SEC does much more than just steam cleaning, it cleans deep down with a unique cleaning solution specially designed to offer you a cleaning service that meets your expectations.

Office chairs and dividers

– Commercial/Condominiums

Do you have office chairs, armchairs, dividers to be cleaned? PRO-SEC is the specialist you need for all your office or commercial cleaning needs.  Indeed, our dry-cleaning method will meet your needs. We clean all types of fabrics, even leather. You want the best for your work environment?

Look no further: with our unique cleaning solution, the occupants of your office spaces will be delighted to see that our cleaning solution is biodegradable and safe for them and their work environment. In addition, before contacting a company that does steam cleaning, call us to realize for yourself why dry-cleaning is so effective.

Preventive care programs

– Commercial/Condominiums

Your carpets require special attention.  Depending on the traffic in the room in which they are installed, PRO-SEC can recommend a maintenance program adapted to your needs that will preserve the appearance of your carpet and furniture for as long as possible.

To eliminate stubborn stains, our dry-cleaning method has proven itself.  Wondering if our cleaning method is effective for your office spaces? Call us and we will show you how your carpet will look.  Do not hesitate to ask for the difference between steam cleaning and our dry-cleaning process.

For an office carpet, condo and apartment passageways, or yet for your home, we will help you set up a preventive maintenance program adapted to your needs and receive a quality professional cleaning service.

Promotional video, PRO-SEC carpet and furniture cleaning service

Would you like to look at before/after photos of some of our achievements?

Or see  us in action and learn more about our dry-cleaning method?

In fact, in this section, you will learn more about our dry-cleaning services for carpets, rugs, furniture, etc. whether be for your residence, office, condo, business or co-owner apartment. In summary, some of the achievements of our dry-cleaning method. You will be able to see the effectiveness of our biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Ask for a professional cleaning service for any type of carpet and furniture and see what we can do to simplify your everyday life.


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