Here are the preventive measures implemented by Pro-Sec:

Mesures de préventions: laver ses mains

At the beginning of each shift, our employees disinfect their hands when they arrive.

In addition, before each customer, our employees disinfect their hands before entering.

On the other hand, after each customer, our employees disinfect their hands before entering the truck.

Mesures de prévention: désinfinction des équipements

After each customer, we disinfect the equipment before putting it back in the truck.

After each shift, we disinfect the truck and the equipment.

Mesures de prévention: la distanciation sociale

Our technicians respect social distancing, as requested by the government.

So, as much between the technicians as with the customers.

Mesures de prévention: protections individuelles


Our technicians have access to individual protections at all time.

Mesures de prévention: techniciens sans symptômes


Also, the technicians are symptomless.
We take great care to make sure of it.

Mesures de prévention: paiement en ligne


Moreover, electronic billing and payments by email are always available .

The disinfection

Learn more about disinfection in this article.

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