At Pro-Sec, we care about the health and safety of our workers, but also of our customers. This is why Pro-Sec has implemented several preventive measures. This is to allow us to have a safe environment, both for our employees and for our customers.

Here are the preventive measures implemented by Pro-Sec:

washing hands

At the start of each shift, our employees disinfect their hands upon arrival.

In addition, before each customer, our employees disinfect their hands before entering.

In addition, after each customer, our employees disinfect their hands before entering the truck.

Finally, at the end of each shift, our employees disinfect their hands before returning home.

desinfect the equipements

Following each customer, we disinfect the equipment before putting it back in the truck.

In addition, after each shift, our employees meticulously disinfect the truck and equipment..

social distanciation

As requested by Public Health of Quebec, our technicians respect the social distancing of 2m. And this, both between technicians and with customers.

individual protection


In order to comply with the demands of Public Health of Quebec, Pro-Sec provides individual protection for its technicians at all times in order to comply with sanitary measures.

symptoms free


Also, the technicians are without symptoms of Covid-19.We take great care to ensure this before each shift. If an employee has symptoms, they must take a Covid test.



In addition, invoicing and electronic payments by email are available at all times. This allows us to reduce contact. Thus, we reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19.

The disinfection

Don’t make a decision before you know the difference between cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning gets rid of germs, dust and impurities, but disinfection kills germs through the use of chemicals.

First we clean, then we disinfect. This process significantly reduces the risk of infection. You’ve decided to call in an expert? Make sure that he uses a good cleaning product as well as disinfectants like germicides, antibacterial, etc.

Learn more about disinfection in this article.

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