Stairs are the essence of inspiration for the decoration of a room. Indeed, the decorative elements must match with them. However, due to their function of passage, they are prone to a fast wear and tear and to footsteps noises. So, why not cover our stairs with a carpet?

Why have a carpet on our stairs?

Well, simply because the appearance of your stairs is not to be neglected. The proof? The type of material chosen and thus their color greatly influence the decoration of your living space. Generally speaking, the material chosen for stairs is wood, for its elegant and authentic look. So why add a carpet? Simply to extend the life of your staircase and protect the material from wear and tear. In addition, covering your stairs with a carpet will add an elegant look to your room, as well as adding comfort for your feet and reducing footsteps noises.

Choosing a carpet

Obviously, the decision to choose a carpet will not be easy. Indeed, stairs are a frequently used area. Therefore, you must choose a carpet that will be durable. The type of fiber and fabric should be carefully considered in order to meet your needs. In addition, you must think about the aesthetics of the carpet so that it matches the rest of your room.

In addition, the carpet will not cover the entire steps, compared to a carpet. This allows you to keep the visual harmony in your room. Therefore, you will have to think about keeping about ten centimeters on each side of the carpet. Thus, it will be important that you know the size of your steps.


In order to have an estimate of the quantity of carpet to buy, you will have to measure the steps and risers of your staircase.

  • For a straight staircase

First, take the measurement of your step and riser. Then, multiply this measurement by the number of steps in your staircase. Thus, you will have a reliable estimate of the number of square feet you need to purchase to cover your staircase.

  • For a curved staircase

For this type of staircase, you will need to take the measurements of each step, each riser and thus the measurement of the nose of the steps. Thus, you will have a reliable estimate of the number of square feet needed to cover your staircase.

Laying carpet on the stairs

There are two methods of installing stair carpeting: glue and hook and loop tape. Whichever method you choose, it is recommended that you position your carpet a few hours before installing it. This will allow the carpet to take the shape of your steps thus allowing its fibers to adapt to the temperature. Also, be sure to unroll your carpet from the top of the stairs.

Because the installation of carpet is a safety hazard, it is best to call in a professional if you feel the need. If the carpet is not installed properly, accidents can happen if you step on the carpet. Otherwise, be sure to follow the instructions of the product you choose to use for the installation of the carpet on your stairs.

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