A healthy environment starts with clean carpets.

Carpets are there for a reason, and many people appreciate their comfort and beauty. However, your rugs and mats can trap dirt and allergens. Do you want a healthy environment? Having your carpet cleaned will improve the hygiene of your environment. What’s more, it extends the life of your carpet.

Why purchase a carpet?

In homes, carpets are an important add to the decoration. Actually, it makes rooms warmer with its colors, look and texture. Per example, in a condominium building, carpets are mostly found in high-traffic areas.  And even in the condo units themselves, in order to reduce ambient noise. This will prevent co-owners on the lower levels from hearing their upstairs neighbors go about their day. In stores, they cover the ground with rugs, so people are less likely to slip after a mess or a spill.  But is your carpet in good shape?

Reasons for having your carpets cleaned

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For all these reasons, and bearing in mind that your shoes and feet are vehicles for dirt, bacteria, germs, etc. It has become essential to thoroughly clean your rugs. That’s why it’s so important to give your rugs and mats a thorough cleaning.

Don’t just rely on stains or smelly carpets. In fact, good carpet and rug cleaning is a guarantee of visual and hidden cleanliness!

How to tell if your carpet is dirty

  • Smell test!
  • Discoloration in places
  • Rough texture
  • Do a cleaning test with a damp cloth
  • Shake your carpets outside to see buried residues

Your carpet and rug maintenance

We’re regularly asked about the most effective ways to care for carpets. First of all, everyone has their own history and experience. So, to answer this question properly, we need to analyze ;

  • Where it’s located
  • Traffic volume
  • Color
  • Fiber type (see different fiber types here)

In conclusion, there are several distinct answers to this general question. What’s more, since every carpet environment is unique, our answer is tailored to your needs.

What is hiding in your carpets?

People ask us pretty often what are the effective means to care for their rugs. The truth is that each carpet has its own and unique conditions. So, to answer this question correctly, you indeed need to analyze its location, traffic volume, colour, type of fibre, etc. In simple terms, this question cannot be answered universally, there are too many things to think about before we can answer that kind of question.

So we can’t answer that question universally. But the list of reasons to have your rugs cleaned is long. Let’s list just a few: dust, mud, dust mites, microbes, hair, sweat, bacteria, hair, dead skin, urine, etc. A thousand and one reasons to opt for deep cleaning!

How to have carpets in good shape in stores and condominiums

Rugs in busy condominium buildings and businesses are very dirty. Nevertheless, even more during winter, when they are lodged with small rocks, dirt and traces of calcium. Our professionals offer services tailored to your needs that will prevent their accumulation order to make sure that your carpet is in good shape. In a condominium building for example, we normally suggest cleaning the carpets at least once every year. It is important to carry out your annual cleaning. You will keep an eye on the carpets in strategic areas such as entrances and elevator fronts. That way, you will make sure that they don’t deteriorate. A carpet is an investment worth preserving, so you probably want to keep it as long as possible!

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