Many different floors can be found inside our living space. Wood, ceramic, carpet or vinyl. Each of them requires its own maintenance. It is the same for their cleaning. Indeed, a stain on a carpet is not cleaned in the same way as a stain on ceramic. So, come and discover how to clean your floors, depending on the ones you have at home.

Wooden floors

Whether it’s oak, maple or cherry, the worst enemy of this type of floor is water! That’s why you’ll need a slightly dampened cloth or mop. Wood floors that get wet tend to swell and warp. For effective maintenance, first sweep or vacuum the floor. Then wipe or mop the floor.


For ceramic, it is recommended to use a solution of hot water and baking soda. The recipe is simple, mix 1 liter of hot water with half a cup of baking soda. For cleaning, opt for a sponge mop or a microfiber mop. Soak the tool of your choice in the mixture and you’re ready to clean. If your tile is greasy, add 2 teaspoons of white vinegar to the mixture.

Vinyl floors

These are without a doubt the easiest vinyl floor to clean! Just vacuum the dust off. Then use a mop with a mixture of soapy water to clean. As for wood floors, avoid using too much water. Steam cleaning should be avoided as it distorts the vinyl.


Carpets must be cleaned thoroughly to maintain their original appearance. To do this, it is possible to get information on a personalized maintenance plan from experts. In addition, dry cleaning is also preferred. However, for a more regular cleaning, vacuum at least once a week.

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