PRO-SEC: Personalized Residential Carpet Cleaning Services and Unmatched Results

Carpets, mats and rugs

A rug adds warmth, style and harmony to a room. Children like to lie down to play and it warms our feet in cold weather. However, poor maintenance can cause many problems for its occupants. In fact, even if we vacuum it regularly, that is not enough.

Whether your carpet is synthetic or natural, whether your rug is imported (Aubusson, Persian, Chinese, Berber) or handmade, PRO-SEC is the solution for your cleaning.

Fabric furniture

Whether your furniture is upholstered or padded, it still requires special care to remove stains, odors and dust that become encrusted. Of course, it is also necessary to think about benches and carpets that are subject to seasonal vagaries and that can reduce the resale value of your vehicle and the life of your carpets.

Our team is specialized in the cleaning of furniture, cars, motor homes, boats and any other place where covering fabric such as carpets, and rugs are found. Indeed, no matter the fabric (silk, wool, cotton, velvet, leather, etc.), the finish, the color (white, cream, red, etc.) and the style of your residential furniture (Louis XIV, contemporary, modern, etc.), our experts at PRO-SEC essentially guarantee you quality work.


Products and protectors

Choose our protector to increase the life of your carpets, carpets, carpets and furniture! Did you just invest in the purchase of a carpet, a rug, a carpet or a new piece of furniture? Better yet, you have just called on our services to clean one of your belongings, we strongly recommend that you apply our protector to increase the life of your belongings, thus preventing stains and facilitating the removal of dry dirt.

Talk to our professional technicians to find out which areas are most at risk and on which it would be wise to apply our protector.

Procédé de nettoyage de sofa sectionnel avec taches

Preventive care programs

Wondering how a preventive maintenance program will benefit your home? First, be aware that each residence has different needs (number of people, animals, traffic areas, etc.). That is why it is important to deal with experts to find out about what are your real needs.

To do this, every good technician first gets to know the basic information, and then makes recommendations. For example, he can suggest the frequency of vacuuming, sporadic treatments for localized stains and/or correction visits. It is also important to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

what is an effective dry cleaning

Cleaning process

Our team of experts is specially trained to ensure, among other things, the best maintenance of your carpets, and rugs.

In this regard, before we even begin, we examine your carpet and make sure we know its characteristics (fiber, style, etc.) as well as the nature of the stain (grease, oil, wine, ink, etc.). This way, we determine the proper way to clean it, rather than applying a ready-made recipe that does not correspond to its real condition.

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