Given the coronavirus pandemic, our cleaning and disinfection services for Covid-19 includes all hygienic measures that are welcome to prevent your family members and colleagues from becoming ill or at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

Cleaning and Disinfection services for COVID-19

Il faut faire désinfecter les tapis et les meubles en temps de covid-19
If you have children, are or have been in contact with seniors or people with chronic diseases, you should take as many precautions as possible. The cleaning and disinfection services for Covid-19 for carpets and furniture has become increasingly important, if not an absolute priority.

Our Cleaning and Disinfection services for Covid-19 is recommended!

Current hygiene recommendations mainly concern residential or commercial environments such as:







Daycares, CPE and schools


Cleaning and Disinfection services for Covid-19 in Child Care, Schools and Businesses: The Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Providing a healthy and safe environment in child care, schools, businesses and condominiums is essential in this pandemic for children, staff, workers and residents of all categories. Institutions must rigorously enforce compliance with Public Health recommendations. In order to respond to these recommendations, PRO-SEC has an effective disinfection process that you can see in this video.

Cleaning and disinfection services for Covid-19?

Wondering what ithe difference is between cleaning and disinfection?

Well, cleaning and disinfection are two different and complementary steps:

Surface cleaning removes dirt, impurities, grease and body fluids (such as secretions).

Surface disinfection, after cleaning, kills micro-organisms.

Cleaning and disinfection services for Covid-19

Cleaning alone does not kill the microorganisms, but it can partially eliminate them, reducing their number and minimizing the risk of spreading certain viruses. In addition, in the absence of dust and dirt, disinfectants are generally more effective. So disinfection kills all the remaining microorganisms on the surface. And, if done after cleaning, it can significantly reduce the risk of spreading infections. For these reasons, we recommend cleaning and disinfecting carpets, chairs, office chairs, and any materials that may have come into contact with Covid-19.

During this unprecedented period, we will continue to provide cleaning and disinfection services. For this reason, certain rules are essential to protect our customers and employees:

Make an appointment only if you are not infected with Covid-19 and have no symptoms;
Minimize the number of people on site during the work (preferably one person);

While waiting for our arrival, ventilate the rooms to reduce the risk of staff infection;

For businesses, offices, apartments and condos, avoid using public spaces for cleaning and disinfection.
For schools, CPE and daycares, it is preferable to wait for closure before cleaning and disinfecting;
Use payments such as Interac e-Transfer to reduce direct interactions and exchanges between customers and technicians.
nettoyage et désinfection de bureaux dans le temps de covid-19

Please note that our technicians disinfect their hands before entering. They will repeat this action every time they go out and re-enter your home, business, school, daycare or condo. At all times, they wear protective masks.

Also be aware that the equipment used during the work is disinfected between each customer and the truck is thoroughly disinfected at the end of each shift to minimize the risks.

Cleaning and Disinfection, some recommendations!

If a person with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 visits the site, the organization must disinfect the site where the person may have travelled or stayed. Cleaning and disinfection procedures should be maximized. Close the area used by the infected person as much as possible and wait at least three hours before starting cleaning and disinfection. If possible, open the exterior windows to increase air circulation in the affected area.

For porous surfaces such as carpets and curtains, remove all visible contaminants and clean them with the appropriate cleaning agents designated for these surfaces.

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