Whether you have just invested in a carpet, rug or furniture, we recommend that you apply a protector. You have had your carpet, rug or furniture for a few years? We recommend applying a protector. In short, whether you are already one of our customers or are just starting to ask about our services, we recommend that you apply a protector.

What’s a protector for?

The role of the protector is very simple. It involves applying a product to your carpet, rug or furniture to provide it with a protective layer. Comparable to an invisible shield, it acts to protect the fibers and colors of your carpets, rugs and furniture. Thus, this product will:.

  • Increase the life of your assets;
  • Prevent stains;
  • Facilitate the removal of dry dirt;
  • In short, applying one of these protective products will allow you to keep your carpets longer and to facilitate their maintenance.

Why choose our protector?

After several years of research, Pro-Sec has undoubtedly developed the best protection product for your carpets, carpets, carpets and furniture. Here are some benefits:

  • Facilitates maintenance;
  • Makes dust removal with the vacuum cleaner more efficient;
  • Leaves no unpleasant odor;
  • Safe for your loved ones, pets and the environment.

In addition, the protector coats the fibers of your carpet, rug or furniture, protecting it from the risk of splashing and dirt.

Talk to your tech!

When you think about it, every carpet, rug or piece of furniture has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our professional technicians in order to know the most at-risk areas on which it would be advisable to apply our protector.

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