Our biodegradable carpet and furniture cleanser: A quality product

Our company developed a unique and effective cleaning process using a cleanser with biodegradable, ecological, non-toxic and antibacterial properties that care for the environment and increase the longevity of carpets, rugs, mats and furniture.

Our cleanser was developed after many years of study. Biochemists helped us perfect the formula, and our technicians tested it to make sure that it was suitable for the special needs of the fibres and fabrics in your carpets, rugs, mats and furniture.

Dry cleaning is effective, and also prevents the growth of bacteria by using minimal moisture. Carpets are generally dry about an hour after cleaning, and furniture, between one to eight hours.

Détachant pour tapis et meubles par Pro-sec

Our stain remover: A high-performance product

Accidents happen: Red wine spilt on a fabric or leather armchair, cat urine on couches and carpets… Our recommendation: Get our carpet, rug, mat and furniture stain remover to remove stains instantly and enjoy your possessions until our next visit!

Our stain remover (the same product we use for our professional cleaning services) can be purchased at our head office, but also in some stores specializing in the sale of carpets and imported rugs. You can also ask our technicians where to find it on their next visit.

Do you have questions about how to use our product? Read the instructions.

Choose our protector to make your carpets, mats, rugs and furniture last longer!

Whether you have just invested in a carpet, rug, mat or new furniture, or simply need our help to clean your possessions, we strongly recommend that you apply our protector to increase their longevity, prevent stains and facilitate the removal of dry dirt.

our protector and our recommendations

Our points of sale:

4800, avenue du Parc
Montréal H2V 4E6
Tél. 514 271-3555

3399 est, Boul. Crémazie, Montréal H1Z 2J1
Tél. 514-725-4754

2285 Des Ormeaux,
Montreal, H1L 4X9

Magasin-entrepôt :
148, rue Boyer, St-Isidore (Québec)
Tél. 514 875-1954
Succursale Longueuil :
740 Jean-Neveu (Trans-Canada) suite 103, Longueuil Qc
450 647-1571

9241 Claveau, Montréal (Québec) H1J 2C8
Tél. 514 353-1601

Preventive Care Program

When you invest in the purchase of a carpet, it is very important, if not essential, to know that a good preventive maintenance program will help you keep it for a long time. Our program includes dusting, partial cleaning and full cleaning.

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