Need a dry cleaning service for your carpets? Whether it is for a task or for a personalized maintenance, we recommend you opt for cleaning in the workshop

A cleaning in the workshop

Indeed genrally we suggest that you opt for dry cleaning of your carpets in the workshop. Dry cleaning in the workshop offers several benefits to the maintenance of your rug. Here are a few:

Cleaning carpets in the workshop
  • Control of the environment

This advantage is to control the environment in which your rug is dry cleaned. First, it’s easier for technicians to control the moisture level used to dry clean your rug. Then, our workshop is equipped with specialized drying racks in order to hang your rug to provide it with faster drying. In addition, we are also equipped with commercial fans to also help drying your rugs.

  • The best possible result in the workshop:

As your rug is cleaned in the workshop, we can more easily provide you with optimized results. In fact, it’s possible to reproduce the dry cleaning several times. Indeed, as your rug is in the workshop, it’s easy for us to redo the cleaning procedure in order to guarantee you the best results possible, by according as much dry cleaning process as your rug needs

An advantage at Pro-Sec

Our dry cleaning company offers home and workshop cleaning. However, we recommend that you opt for the workshop. In addition, at Pro-Sec, the pick-up and delivery of your rug is free. So the cost of cleaning your rug is the same as if we were cleaning your rug in your househ. So why not opt for optimizing results by letting us do as much as possible to give you the best results?

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