Give a new life to your old furniture

Restoring an old piece of furniture can be a difficult task. But don’t panic! You will find below instructions to help you give new life to your old furniture. This will allow you to recycle it or to give it a new use.

The cleaning

First of all, the first logical step for restoring your furniture is cleaning. To do this, you will need a sponge and dish soap. These are essential products to clean the furniture you want to restore and to get rid of all the dirt accumulated over time. This can be dust or food crumbs. We advise you to proceed with circular movements in order to clean the surfaces uniformly.

When you have finished cleaning the furniture, use a dry cloth to dry it. This step is important to remove all traces of moisture.

Removing stains

old chair furniture

First, check the type of material your furniture is made of. Generally speaking, fabric furniture can be cleaned with mild or specialized household products. For wood and other hard materials, a specialized product may be required.

Then, once you have identified the type of material your furniture is made of, make sure you have the right products. This will ensure that your furniture will not be discolored.

Then take action! Test your product on a corner of the furniture first and, if there are no adverse effects, use your product on the entire piece of furniture. When you’re done, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the excess.

Polishing or waxing

Next, for wood furniture, proceed with polishing or waxing. This will protect your furniture from scratches and stains. In addition, this step will revive its original appearance and extend its life.

For more information about preventive maintenance or to book an appointment with a reputable dry carpet cleaning company: contact us.

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