We offer our cleaning services for your fabric or leather furniture, upholstered or padded.

PRO-SEC cleans stuffed or upholstered fabric or leather furniture in factories, shops, institutes, offices, and condominium or apartment buildings.

Our office furniture, whether upholstered or padded, can sometimes have a hard life. Indeed, as they are used all day long, they store:






To prolong their useful life, they therefore require special care. So, no matter the fabric, finish, color or style of your furniture, we guarantee quality work.

Our team of experts is specially trained to clean:

Office chairs

Office seats

Open-space office dividers

Waiting room seats

Theatre seats

Amphitheatre seats

Conference Room Chairs

We guarantee quality work no matter the fabric, finish, colour or style of your furniture.


At PRO-SEC, we favour a dry-cleaning technique for your furniture. Therefore, in addition to reducing the humidity level compared to other cleaning techniques, our solution allows for faster drying and thus greatly prolongs the life of your furniture.

Our team of experts is specially trained to ensure the best results when it comes to cleaning your furniture.

Furniture cleaning is essentially done by hand, guaranteeing an unparalleled degree of efficiency in every corner of your furniture. Since each piece of furniture has its own particularities, it is important to provide our professionals with as much information as possible to have the most accurate price possible.

Wondering if we’re going to your area? See the complete list here.

PRO-SEC is present in the greater Montreal area, but also in Montérégie, Laval and the South and North Shores of Montreal. Contact us to make an appointment. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Would you like to know how we clean office chairs, dividers?

See our cleaning process!

Get our furniture stain remover bottle

in order to correct and clean by yourself the stains waiting for the next visit of our technicians.

How can a preventive maintenance program help you?

Applying a protector will certainly allow you to extend the life of your most valuable possessions.

Did you know that we also take care of carpets, winter carpets and rugs?

Check out our carpet cleaning service section, carpets and winter carpets and rugs.

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