Do you detect a “I don’t know what” when you walk on your carpet? To help you demystify the mysteries of carpets this regard, here is some information to always keep in mind.

When you’re buying a carpet or rug, people are reluctant, unfortunately, because they fear the presence of recurring bad smells inside the fibers. This is why it is important to know beforehand, that there are two categories of bad smells that can get embedded in your carpet: odors caused by damage and odors caused by the environment. As a result, there are different ways of dealing with it.

The bad smells in my carpet caused by damage

This type of odor can be attributed to several causes and it is essential to know the source to solve the problem:

  • Dog urine
  • Cat urine
  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Food
  • Dead skin
  • Perspiration
  • Children
  • Etc.
bad smells sofa and carpet

In short, the bad smell caused by damage is a bad smell that we will call local. So, this type of odor can be found on a specific area of your carpet or rug. As this is an isolated area, it is easier to clean and remove it. In order to treat this type of odor, Pro-Sec recommends that you first try to stop the odor with a wet cloth soaked in water and baking soda (a small amount should suffice). If this in-house stuff doesn’t work, Pro-Sec recommends using its biodegradable product with a very simple method of use.

The bad smell caused by the environment

The environment in which your carpets or carpets are located can greatly influence their odour. Indeed, carpets and carpets absorb ambient odors and these odors can be various:

Bad smells in my carpet

– Smell of cigarette
– Smell of House Animals
– Moisture
– Smell of cooked food
– Accumulation of bacteria and germs
– Etc.

In case of a general bad smell of your carpets and rugs, Pro-Sec recommends a complete dry cleaning of your carpets and rugs Also, the overall bad smell of your carpets and rugs could be greatly improved with a good personalized maintenance plan. Indeed, improper or inadequate cleaning of your carpets and carpets can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and germs in your carpets and carpets.

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