Having a carpet or rug brings many benefits to an environment. However, most people are concerned about its deterioration. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help our rugs and carpets stay looking like new. Here are a few tips to keeping them as new as they were.

  • Get into a cleaning routine

Because rugs and carpets can get dirty and stained, it’s important to adopt cleaning habits to keep them looking new. Rugs and carpets that are not cleaned regularly become dull and worn. Some will also contain bad odors. Therefore, several habits can be adopted to keep your rug or carpet looking new.

  • Vacuuming

The first habit to adopt is vacuuming. We recommend vacuuming once a week. This will remove accumulated crumbs and dust. It may also be beneficial to use a lint roller or brush to remove pet hair.

  • Bicarbonate

A second habit to adopt is the use of bicarbonate. Start by sprinkling some on your rug or carpet. Leave it on for an hour and vacuum it up. This will freshen up your rug or carpet and eliminate most of the bad odors.

  • Cleaning up stains

Also, make it a habit to act immediately on any liquid or food spills. A stain can be a real pain to remove if you don’t get to it in time. This is the case for coffee and red wine. Don’t hesitate to consult our tips to remove stains in express. You can also buy a stain remover to clean your rug and carpet effectively.

  • Opt for a protector

Whether you have just invested in a new carpet, rug or furniture, or you have just used our services to clean one of your possessions, we strongly recommend that you apply our protector to increase the life of the product, prevent stains and facilitate the removal of dry dirt. Also, protector is able to help keeping your rugs and carpet as new as they were.

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