Who can benefit from regular and winter carpet dry cleaning?

Our company PRO-SEC specializes in the cleaning of winter and regular carpets in factories, shops, institutes, offices, and condo and apartment buildings.

PRO-SEC has developed an expertise in the dry cleaning of carpets of all fibres:






We clean carpets in all the frequented spaces of your buildings:





Conference room

Common area

Open-space office

Our high-performance dry cleaning process allows us to give your carpets their original appearance back, no matter what they have been subjected to:

Frequent traffic

Weather wear caused by salt or water

Leaking garbage

Animal urine

After a move or delivery

After renovations

Liquid (coffee, etc)

Carpet, in an office, condo or business, provides a state of well-being, also absorbing noise, which makes the environment less echoing and more muffled.  It also absorbs shocks when we walk or stand, making it less hard on the “system”.

Every season can be a tough one on carpets and rugs. Indeed, calcium, snow, pebbles, sand, mud, are all elements that unfortunately affect the cleanliness and premature aging of carpets and rugs. In our opinion an adequate maintenance is therefore required to avoid having to replace your belongings generating significant costs.

PRO-SEC specializes in cleaning carpets and winter rugs, whether they are in factories, businesses, institutions, offices or in condo buildings, in apartments or in co-ownership.

You have fabric or leather, upholstered or padded furniture? You will be happy to learn that we serve the Island of Montreal, Laval, the South or North Shores of Montreal. See the full list.

Learn about

our preventive maintenance program right away.

Once your carpet is cleaned

Did you check with our technicians if you needed a protector to preserve and extend the life of your carpets?

Choose our stain remover.

Get our bottle of stain remover to correct and clean stains caused by minor damage on your own, until the next visit of our technicians.

Do you also have furniture to clean?

Talk to our technicians about cleaning your office furniture (sofas, loveseats, chairs, office chairs, office dividers)

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