Undeniably, all good things must come to an end, and summer will soon begin to leave us. Unfortunately, saying goodbye to the warm weather and getting ready for the cold weather requires some small preparations. That’s why Pro-Sec offers a list of pre-summer tasks to help you get ready.

Window Cleaning

Firstly, cleaning interior and exterior windows is a good habit to get into. It will allow you to increase the luminosity in your house or your condominium. Further more, it will also reduce the risk of condensation during the winter and allow you to inspect the windows. Ideally, screens should also be removed and cleaned before being put back in place.

Air conditioners and heaters

Whenever you’re on the window cleaning duty, you can take the opportunity to remove air conditioners. In addition, they should be cleaned before they are put away. For instance, this will prevent dirt from getting on and in them and will extend their life. If you have a stationary air conditioner, you can do its maintenance by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

For instance, for heaters, make sure they are cleaned and dusted. Even more, you will avoid burning dust during the first uses and you will avoid bad smells.

General exterior inspection

Make sure that there are no accesses through which mice could enter the house during autumn. These small undesirable creatures can sneak in through dryer vents, the air exchanger, the kitchen hood, etc.

Also, make sure that your roof is not damaged, or that the eavestroughs are well fixed. In general, eavestroughs are put to the test during the winter. While checking the gutters, take the opportunity to remove branches, leaves and other debris.

To finish your tour, examine the foundation of the house. If you see a crack, seal it and take a picture. This way, when spring comes, you can make sure it hasn’t gotten worse. If it has, it’s time to take action.

Prepare the tools

Especially for those who have a garage or shed, take the opportunity to do a little cleaning. In this case, you can make sure that the tools needed to collect the leaves are within reach. Also, take care to prepare the snowblower and put the shovels near the door. You can also take the opportunity to install the winter mats and the snow broom in the car so you won’t be caught off guard by the first snow.

Taking care of the plants

For this step, you will have to cover the outdoor plants that need it and bring in the ones that can’t stay outside for the winter. If in doubt, consult a professional to guide you. In addition, your indoor plants will need a little love. Indeed, the weather will be less bright and the air will be drier. Therefore, move them near the windows and mist the plants that can be misted.

Smoke alarms

According to fire safety standards, you must clean the case of your smoke detector. But, be careful, you must not open them and clean the inside! In addition, you can take advantage of the time change, usually scheduled in autumn, to change the battery in your smoke detector.

Installing winter mats

In addition, prepare yourself for the end of summer is the best time to install your winter mats at the various entrances of your home or condominium. Consequently, you will avoid the accumulation of dirt in autumn and winter on your floors. In addition, you will reduce the risk of falls for you and your guests. If your carpets were not cleaned at the end of last winter, make an appointment to have them cleaned. A clean carpet is always more pleasant!

Cleaning the fireplace

For example, wood-burning fireplaces, your chimney will need to be swept. Also, you can call a professional to help you. Also, take the opportunity to order the wood you need to get through the winter, ideally before the end of September.

For gas fireplaces, it is best to have them professionally maintained. He will be able to adjust the pilot and clean the burners, depending on the needs of your fireplace.

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