Even though tidying up room by room is the best way to do a good cleaning, it is advisable to plan in detail what needs to be done. Pro-Sec offers you a list of things to think about in order not to forget anything.

The entrance

First of all, you will have to clean the entrance. This is the place to clean first since it is the room that sets the tone as soon as the door is opened. So, here is the list of things to think about:

  • Clean your entryway carpet
  • Sort out objects and clothes and put them away in a place dedicated to them
  • Put away shoes and coats
  • Clean the cabinet that holds the keys
  • Then, clean the windows

The living room

In order to plan the cleaning of the living room, it is essential to make a tour of the room to visualize all the furniture. This will make your list easier.

  • Dust all furniture and decorative elements
  • Clean table linens and cushion covers
  • Clean the carpet
  • Replace furniture and decorative elements
  • Clean windows
  • Vacuuming
  • Clean the floors

Kitchen and dinning room

The kitchen and dining room are, without a doubt, the rooms that most people do not want to tidy up. There are a lot of items in a kitchen, which can be a lot to think about.

  • Empty and clean the pantry
  • Empty and clean the refrigerator
  • Clearing and cleaning the countertops
  • Cleaning the cooking area
  • Clean appliance surfaces
  • Clean and descale sinks
  • Take out the garbage
  • Vacuum and clean floors afterwards

Bathrooms and laundry room

It will be very important to make sure that you use the appropriate cleaning products in order to disinfect your surfaces during the cleaning.

  • Empty and clean closets
  • Throw away expired products
  • Clean mirrors, bathtub, shower, toilet and sink
  • Clean shower curtain and bath mat
  • Wash dirty towels
  • Vacuum and clean floors afterwards

The bedrooms

  • First, dust the furniture
  • Change the sheets and make the bed
  • Put dirty clothes in the wash
  • Vacuum and clean the floors afterwards


In order to properly clean your carpets, we advise you to deal with specialists for their deep cleaning. You will be able to plan the cleaning of your carpets according to your availability. However, a good vacuuming can be sufficient for your daily cleaning. This will remove the dust and some accumulated dirt.

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