If you have a carpet or rug, it is essential to know how to clean it. Of course, between dust, stains and dirt, it is sometimes difficult to know where to go. Here are some tips to help you not get discouraged in your cleaning.

Dry cleaning

Indeed, dry cleaning remains THE reference when it comes to carpet and rug cleaning. Indeed, the low level of humidity used in this process significantly reduces the risk of mildew, warping and discoloration of your carpets. It is possible to rent a machine in a large store to do this cleaning process yourself. However, we strongly recommend that you call in experts to properly dry clean your carpets.

Maintenance plans

It seems obvious, but we sometimes forget their importance. Maintenance plans are essential to prolong the life of your carpets and to keep them looking new longer. At Pro-Sec, we offer personalized maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget.


Most people are not aware of the existence of carpet and rug protectors. Many are available over the counter in big box stores. But, be sure to follow the application steps. However, you can also hire experts to apply their protector. This will make your job so much easier and they are in the best position to help you find the right one for you.

The cleaners

At Pro-Sec, we use our own unique cleaner. It was developed after many years of study to find THE most unique formula that would effectively meet the particular needs of the different types of fabrics and fibers found on carpets and rugs. Our cleaner is not only effectively, but it also prevents the growth of bacteria and is biodegradable.

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