Drying your carpet is an important step. Do it yourself or have it done by professionals. But importantly, if this step is not done properly, it can cause you many worries.

Our tips if you do the cleaning yourself

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You can do the cleaning of your carpet, furniture or rug by yourself. You can rent a machine for this purpose. However, it is good to know some tricks to achieve a good result.

Firstly, as rental machines are less efficient than those of professionals, you will try to iron several times in the same place. Don’t do this, it will have the effect of wetting your carpet, furniture or rug more than it takes.

Secondly, you should not soak your carpet, furniture or rug. Indeed, the wetter your carpet or rug is, the longer it will take to dry. As a result, you may face several consequences such as the appearance of bacteria, mould or bad odours. If you are faced with these consequences, do not hesitate.

Factors influencing the drying of your carpets or carpets

In this paragraph, you will see that several factors influence the drying time of your carpet, furniture or rug. The environment in which your carpet or rug is located can vary considerably. Environment definitely has an impact on the drying of your carpet. Here are the factors influencing the drying:

  • Ventilation

We are talking here about the air circulation in your rooms. More fluid is the ventilation, shorter the drying time will be.

  • Moisture content in the room

The hotter and wetter your room is, the harder it is to dry your carpet, furniture or rug quickly. Think of someone who tries to paint his walls in the middle of a heat wave. The paint does not dry. The same goes for your carpet, furniture or your rug.

  • The amount of dirt in your carpet

As a large amount of dirt requires more thorough cleaning, this influences the drying time of your carpet, furniture or rug. That’s why, when you call and ask how long your carpet will take to dry, it is impossible for us to answer accurately.We have not seen your carpet.

mud carpet cleaning at home

The cleaning of your carpet or rug by professionals

At Pro-Sec, we use a dry-cleaning technique. Therefore, this technique allows us to better control the moisture content used when cleaning your carpets, furniture and rugs. This way, we can evaluate the drying time of your carpets and rugs.

Dry cleaning allows us to say that your carpet or rug will be dry in about 1 hour. In fact, the drying time can vary between 30 minutes and 6 hours, depending on the elements stated above.

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