PRO-SEC offers three preventive care programs for carpets.

Why choose our preventive car program for your carpets ?

To increase the lifespan of your rugs and furniture
To make your carpets and furniture cleaner and better looking
To make a good impression on your clients

When you invest in the purchase of a carpet, it is very important, if not essential, to know that a good preventive maintenance program will help you keep it for a long time. Our program includes dusting, temporary cleaning and full cleaning.

Example of a preventive maintenance program (for a co-ownership syndicate):

Full cleaning every 6 months
Interim cleaning of the elevator fronts of each floor (since all go to elevator but then divides on each side to their unit) also cleaning the entrance hall, and the mail area. During this visit, we also do the accidental stain’s cleaning on floors: Every 2 months

Prevention is better…

The diagram below compares a preventive maintenance program to corrective cleaning. The most common mistake after installing new carpets is neglecting to establish such a program. Failing to take good care for your carpets affects its longevity, which unfortunately decreases from approximately 20 to 12 years.

We offer the following preventive care programs for your carpets:

To dust carpets properly, we straighten the fibres with a vacuum cleaner brush, taking this opportunity to treat localized stains before they become encrusted and, thus, impossible to remove. We normally recommend one dusting operation every week, but it may be necessary to repeat it more often depending on how busy the building is.

Done every two months.
• Cleaning the front of elevators on each floor (since all go to the elevator but then divide on each side to their unit).
• Cleaning the lobby and mail area.
• Of course, during this visit, our technicians also make sure to do the spot cleaning of accidental stains on the floors.

A full treatment consists of dusting, cleaning (which allows the carpet to retain its original appearance and removes all traces of dirt from the fibres) and finally, straightening the fibres with a comb.

100% biodegradable product

Find out more about our 100% biodegradable product!

100% biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless to children and animals, our cleaning product is certainly one of our best allies.

Developed with the help of a team of biochemists, our cleaning product allows to increase the longevity of the life of carpets and fabrics and also to prevent the proliferation of bacteria by using a minimum of water during the cleaning process. As a rule, your carpets will be dry within an hour or so after our visit, as opposed to more than eight hours for a conventional wash.

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