Every hygiene measure is important to keep your family members safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are older, have young children or suffer from a chronic disease, you must apply every possible preventive method to keep COVID-19 at bay. Cleaning and disinfecting your rugs and furniture become important, if not priority.

Tips for disinfection!

Most sanitation recommendations are addressed to residential and commercial sectors, although there is a high risk of contracting the virus.

It’s difficult to determine someone’s health condition. We cannot know how well ventilated the places we visit are. Prevention methods are potentially not as thorough as they are in health facilities. Current circumstances make the purchase of personal protective equipment uncertain.

We recommend that you close the areas used by infected people as early as possible. We need to wait at least three hours before we can begin cleaning and disinfecting. Meanwhile, if you can, open the windows to ventilate the contaminated area. This will also help to inactivate the virus on surfaces, according to Institut National de  Santé Publique du Québec.

Cleaning or disinfection ?

Don’t make a decision before you know the difference between cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning gets rid of germs, dust and impurities, but disinfection kills germs through the use of chemicals.

First we clean, then we disinfect. This process significantly reduces the risk of infection. You’ve decided to call in an expert? Make sure that he uses a good cleaning product as well as disinfectants like germicides, antibacterial, etc.

What about your workplace?

What about your workplace? Do businesses about to reopen their doors do what is necessary to ensure your security at work? Even if the virus only survives a couple days or hours on surfaces, we recommend cleaning and sanitizing rugs, couches and office chairs. The premises will need dusting because many weeks have passed between closing and reopening.

We’re here!

Pro-Sec has not ceased its activities despite the pandemic. We continue to offer our cleaning and disinfection services during this exceptional period. We can help you with the disinfection of your house, business or condominium. To do so, some rules are essential to protect our customers and employees:

  • Book an appointment only if you are not infected by Covid-19 and don’t show symptoms.
  • Have as few people as possible on the premises while the technicians are at work (preferably only one person)
  • Avoid traffic in businesses, offices and condominiums’ common areas during cleaning and disinfection
  • If possible, use an alternative way of paying like Interac e-transfers, to limit direct exchanges and interactions between technicians and customers.

Please note that our technicians take handwashing very seriously. They sterilize their hands before entering your store, house or condominium, and every time they come back in. They may also wear a mask under certain situations. At last, not only do we disinfect our material between each contract, but we decontaminate the interior of our trucks after every shift. See the preventive measures implemented at Pro-Sec.

To help you out

Either way, buy our stain remover for rugs and furniture, which will keep your rugs, carpets and furniture pristine until the next dry cleaning. We will be happy to deliver it for free!

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