How important is it to clean properly before or after a move?

Since moving into a new apartment or house can bring some unexpected surprises, it is important to plan the cleaning of your new home.

Especially in the case that the previous tenants or owners have left the place in bad shape, it is better to plan a complete and deep cleaning before or after moving. Most important is that your family can settle into a new, clean and healthy environment.

Before you begin your pre- or post-move cleaning, inspect the area!

For instance, go through all the rooms and pay special attention to the presence of pet odors, urine or cigarettes.  Meanwhile, take note of the location of stains, regardless of the surface. Furthermore, do you have carpets? If so, odors are embedded in them and they will require a more thorough cleaning. Consequently, you will be able to plan the steps to follow and the products to buy to thoroughly clean and disinfect your new environment.

Cleaning tip: Always start by cleaning the walls from top to bottom and finish with the floors.

List of tips for a successful move: A handy little list to help you move with peace of mind!


cleaning before a move vaccum

Here are the steps to take to get a good cleaning from top to bottom and in every corner.

  • Vacuum floors and carpets
  • Clean and disinfect carpets. Consider calling in the professionals to ensure a thorough cleaning.  With their efficient carpet cleaning process you will be assured of results.
  • Clean your floors and pay special attention to the corners of the floors
  • Dust and clean all surfaces
  • Clean walls and ceilings
  • Clean windows, window sills and screens
  • Clean and disinfect showers, toilets and bathtubs
  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen
  • Consider having air ducts cleaned
  • Clean doors and disinfect door handles
cleaning after move products

Plan to purchase the following items for a good deep cleaning.

  • All purpose cleaner and disinfectant
  • Rags and paper towels
  • A broom for floors
  • A vacuum for the carpets
  • A carpet disinfectant or, if not, call in the professionals to have your carpets and furniture thoroughly cleaned
  • Gloves
  • Mop and scrub brush

But why call in professionals to clean your carpets and furniture?

Calling on professional carpet and furniture cleaners ensures a job well done and a thorough cleaning. In addition to being able to treat grease, oil and pet urine stains, a professional will also ensure that dust embedded in the carpet that is invisible to the naked eye is removed. Furthermore, choosing a dry cleaning process for your carpets and furniture ensures controlled humidity. While hand cleaning does not allow it. For that reason we offer the best process, dry cleaning.

Take the opportunity to have your furniture cleaned at the same time as your carpets. Most important, you will be able to live in a clean and healthy environment!

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