Haven’t you ever seen someone slip into a condominium or a commercial building? Never mind. An incident like that when you’re a homeowner and you’re in trouble.

As a matter of fact, if the city is required to salt sidewalks and streets, as a condominium or commercial property owner, we need to find solutions to provide a safe place for our visitors.

Winter carpets

Winter rugs are part of the solution. Sometimes less aesthetic, but oh how important. Indeed, did you know that nearly 80% of the dirt we carry under our feet detaches in our first 12 steps? So you will agree that it is better to put carpets in our entrances for the winter.

You will then avoid that the dirt is directly on your floors, such as salt, calcium, rocks or other abrasives, whether your floors are made of marble, wood, commercial tile or carpet. By avoiding dirt, you do not risk creating scratches or premature wear. In addition, you will be able to preserve their original brilliance and their character.

The steps

First of all, check with a recognized carpet retailer. You need to know what kind of winter rug to use for your floor type. Some floor coverings will require the installation of a underlay to make it more non-slip. If possible, opt for a rug with finish on all four sides.

Then take the time to take the measurements of the carpet path you want to create. Ideally, a scale plan gives you optimal results. Finally, once your plans are complete, check the location of the doors and carpet crossings. Also indicate them on your plan. This way, you’ll have a good eye out for potentially dangerous places to trip.

The facility

Since we want to preserve the original condition of the floor under the winter rugs, we will not use double-sided sticky paper to fix it. On the other hand, with a non-slip underlay, you can use this double-sided sticky paper to affix it between the underlay and the winter carpet. This will give you an optimal result.

Now, all you have to do is make sure that the corners don’t roll up, that the doors are safe, and that’s it.

Keep it clean

Remember that once installed, your winter mats will need good maintenance. They must maintain their optimal use throughout the winter season. Good maintenance requires a sweeper every day.

At the end of the season, it is important to have the mats cleaned to remove these powerful abrasives before storing them. They risk shortening their lifespan. To do this, call on professionals. Pro-Sec offers free pick-up and delivery for your winter rugs.

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