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Tapis commercial à faire nettoyer pour enlever taches

Carpets and Winter carpets

Everybody knows that the hard winter months take a toll on your carpets. The ones in your business/condominium are obviously no exception. Therefore, it is essential to give them the treatments they really need.

Calcium, snow, pebbles, sand, and mud all affect the cleanliness and premature aging of carpets and rugs. Adequate maintenance is therefore required to avoid having to replace them thus generating significant costs.

PRO-SEC specializes in cleaning carpets and winter rugs, whether they are in factories, businesses, institutions, offices, condo buildings, in apartments or in condominiums.

Office chairs and dividers

Used all day long, storing up dust, food, stains, and other hazards of life, cleaning our office furniture – whether upholstered or padded – can be quite a challenge. To extend their useful life, they require special care.

At PRO-SEC, our team is specifically trained to clean chairs, office chairs, dividers and much more in open spaces. No matter the fabric, finish, color, or style of your furniture, we guarantee quality work.

Preventive care programs

We perform quality cleaning as often as required and ensure that common areas remain spotless. Whether it is a business, condominium, market, institution, condo, or apartment building, Thus, thanks to our preventive maintenance program, you undeniably benefit from the advantages of frequent preventive maintenance:

  • You extend the life span of your carpets and furniture.
  • You also maximize the hygiene and appearance of your rugs and furniture.
  • As well as make a good impression on your customers.

To better serve you, PRO-SEC offers three preventive maintenance programs:

  • Dedusting
  • Interim cleaning
  • Complete cleaning
our protector and our recommendations

Products and protectors

Increase the lifespan of your carpets and furniture with our protector!

You just invested in the purchase of carpets or furniture for your business or offices or you have just called upon our services to clean of one of your properties? At PRO-SEC, we strongly recommend the application of our protector to increase the life span of your belongings, prevent stains and facilitate the removal of dry dirt.

Talk to our professionals to find out which areas are most at risk and could benefit from the application of our protector.

what is an effective dry cleaning

Cleaning process

Our team of experts is specifically trained to ensure the best service for the maintenance of your carpets, rugs, and mats.

Even before we start, we examine your carpet and make sure we know its characteristics (fiber, style, etc.), as well as the nature of the stain (grease, oil, wine, ink, etc.). Then again, to clean it properly, we set up a custom cleaning rather than applying a ready-made recipe that does not correspond to its condition.

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