Whether it is the rugs, carpets or mats from your house, workplace, store or condominium that need cleaning, quality dry cleaning is the best quality cleaning method. Your rugs, carpets and mats deserve the same treatment as the rest of the building! Here are the reasons why.

Multiple Steps

Although a good quality carpet dry cleaning is the gold standard for cleaning fibres, it is still important to ensure the quality of the process. Indeed, it is essential to follow every step of the procedure to guarantee proper maintenance of your carpets, rugs and carpeting.

First, a technician examines the characteristics of your carpet (fibres, colour, style, etc.) before dusting and cleaning it. He will then proceed with his dry cleaning process and finally complete the cleaning process by straightening the fibres. Find more information about the full process here.

The Benefits of a quality dry cleaning process

A great quality Dry cleaning is a method that combines low humidity with a cleaning product, which keeps the textile fibres true to their original state without altering their colour. Besides, since dry cleaning uses a low humidity level (1% to 5%), the drying time is approximately 1 hour, which means that it’s almost instantaneous.

Pro-Sec, Your Expert in dry cleaning

When it comes to a good quality cleaning method, you should only trust specialists. Pro-Sec’s dry cleaning process combines low humidity with our biodegradable, fat-free cleaner. This allows your carpet not only to retain its colors, but also to preserve its original appearance. You can also ask your Pro-Sec specialist for tips to guarantee the longevity of your carpets. He can set up a maintenance program to keep it clean and fresh. Ready? Don’t wait any longer and Ask for a quote!

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