It’s not easy to determine when your carpet needs cleaning. Rugs, mats and carpets collect dust, and stains are often only cleaned on the surface. Deep and thorough cleaning is essential to protect your carpet, but also for the health of your family members.

Several factors come into play when time comes to plan a maintenance program. You have to ask yourself the right questions.

Where in the house is the carpet, rug or mat that needs to be cleaned is located?

This information is important for us to determine the overall wear on your rug, carpet or mat. It also tells us what type of care your carpet needs. For example, a rug in a dining room will need more frequent cleaning than one in a less frequented area.

Are there any pets that live in the house?

Even clean animals will leave off odours and lose hair and dead skin (see point #5). They bring back dust from outside and sometimes, leave little “presents” on the rug. It is recommended to adopt a cleaning program to keep your living environment healthy and make sure that no residual odours or presents stay in your carpet.

When should you clean your carpets? Our recommendations:

Normally, full dry cleaning should be done every 18 months, but there are multiple factors that can influence this number.

  • You live alone or with a partner
  • You have children
  • Friends and family come over often
  • Your carpet is located in a busy area
  • You don’t spend that much time at home (ex: You travel a lot)
  • You live with pets, such as cats or dogs.

This is an example of a maintenance program for a residence.

  • Dusting every week
  • Use of the Pro-Sec cleanser for little accidents
  • Cleaning of occasional damage and buildups every 6 months
  • Full cleaning every 18 months