The barrier to safeguard your belongings

We understand that investing in quality furnishings deserves special attention. That’s why we strongly encourage you to add a layer of protection to your belongings, making it an essential addition to your maintenance routine. Moreover, even if your carpet, rug, carpet, or furniture has been in your space for a few years, applying a protector remains a wise decision. In essence, whether you are already a loyal customer or just starting your collaboration with us, we emphasize the importance of applying a protector.

What is the role of a protector?

The concept is simple, but the effect is remarkable. Indeed, imagine the protector as invisible armor for your carpets and rugs. This product is designed to create a barrier, protecting the fibers and colors of your precious items. Opting for this solution brings several advantages:

  • Increased lifespan of your belongings:


Enhancing the longevity of your belongings becomes a tangible reality through the meticulous application of our protector. Beyond a simple preservation measure, this additional layer acts as a protective shield, significantly extending the life of your carpets, rugs, carpets, and furniture.

Imagine it as a pact with durability, where each fiber, each color is wrapped in an invisible armor against the ravages of time. This extra protection not only slows down natural wear but defies the course of time, allowing your belongings to retain their original brilliance well beyond conventional expectations.

  • Stain prevention:

The protector acts as a shield against unwanted stains, becoming a vigilant guardian against spills, acting as an unyielding shield against everyday mishaps. Accidents, liquid spills, and domestic incidents that could threaten the visual integrity of your belongings are now repelled with remarkable efficiency.

So, each treated fiber becomes an impenetrable fortress resistant to the onslaught of undesirable liquids. Thus, the protector creates a barrier that prevents these intruders from penetrating deep into the fibers, preserving the pristine beauty of your carpets and furniture. Adopting this precaution is choosing proactive defense against unforeseen incidents, ensuring the continuity of impeccable aesthetics.

  • Ease of dry soil removal:


Dry particles detach more easily, simplifying the cleaning process. Indeed, daily life brings its share of dirt, dust, and dry particles that can accumulate. This is where our protector comes into play, significantly facilitating the cleaning process. Thus, dry particles detach with surprising ease, offering quicker and more efficient cleaning.

So, imagine a vacuum that effortlessly glides, capturing every undesirable particle without excessive effort. This is the tangible result of the protector application, creating a surface that resists the adhesion of dirt. The cleaning process becomes a less laborious task, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your spaces rather than maintaining them.

In summary:

In short, applying a protection product will extend the life of your carpets and make maintenance easier. Thus, every aspect of our protector is an investment in time. In addition to a guarantee of durability and defense against the unexpected, it offers a simplification of the maintenance process. Therefore, opt for peace of mind by choosing longevity, and give your belongings the protection they deserve.

Why should you choose our protector?

After many years of in-depth research, Pro-Sec has undoubtedly identified the best protection product: 3M’s renowned Scotchgard protector. Its benefits are numerous:

  • No unpleasant odors

Unlike some products, our protector leaves no trace of undesirable odors.

  • Ease of maintenance

Cleaning becomes a more straightforward task.

  • Increased vacuum efficiency

Dusting becomes more effective, thus preserving the beauty of your belongings.

  • Safety and environmental friendliness

Safe for your loved ones, pets, and in compliance with environmental standards.

In summary, our protector envelops the fibers of your carpet, rug, carpet, or furniture, thereby protecting them from splash risks and dirt. Feel free to discuss this with one of our experienced technicians!

Feel free to discuss this with one of our experienced technicians

Every carpet, rug, carpet, or piece of furniture has unique characteristics. Therefore, we strongly advise you to consult one of our professional technicians. They can guide you on the most at-risk areas where the application of our protector would be particularly judicious.

For more information about preventive maintenance or to book an appointment with a reputable dry carpet cleaning company: contact us.

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